RuzeIconsMenu3-04Much more than a dessert, your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your celebration. With a meticulous attention to detail, we work with you to achieve a clean, modern design that truly represents your personality and style. And from beginning to end – consultations to decorations – we aim to make your experience with us effortless, stress-free, and memorable!



Wedding cake prices range from $7 to $14 per serving, based on complexity of design. This means if you expect 100 guests, please plan no less than $700 (and up to $1400 depending on design) when initially creating your budget. (Most of our wedding cakes designs come closer to $8 per serving after all considerations.)

We suggest you call to book your appointment about four weeks before you would like to come in, and plan to come in about 5-10 months before your occasion.  Tastings are $40 and include enough food for about four people.  But please feel free to bring as many people as you’d like as long as you don’t mind sampling slightly smaller portions!  Cake tasting boxes are available for pickup for events with fewer than 60 guests, or for events where the design of the cake is fairly straightforward.  The box includes all the same options as we do during our in-shop tastings and it also feeds about four people.  Its cost is $25 and must be pre-ordered.

Preparation is everything!  Color swatches, pictures that you may have seen in magazines or on the internet, your invitations, flower choices from your florist, or any other personalized details (even a fabric swatch) could help us immensely in understanding your taste and in the design process.  So give us all you’ve got during the appointment…no detail is too small!

After the tasting consultation, we will prepare the proposal and have it your way within about a week or so (depending on our schedule).  If you’d like to proceed, a 50% deposit is due within two weeks of receiving the proposal to secure your event date. Cake sketches might be drawn up, a design is approved, and a contract is signed.  As your wedding date approaches (about two months before) we will contact you just to check and see if any major changes need to be made. When your wedding is 20 days away, we call or email to confirm your final guest count.  Your remaining payment is due when the event is 14 days out. This is the time we work with your reception venue to coordinate the best delivery time and set-up, as well.


phoneAre you ready to get started? Give us a call at 480.438.8692 or shoot us an email. See FAQs for more information.