Růže Cake House – a mother/daughter collaborative effort – is best known for its fresh and innovative designs and commitment to smaller-batch/higher-quality cakes and desserts.

Růže was founded on the principle that local and sustainable ingredients make for better, fresher tasting cakes. We’ve always felt passionately about ethically-sourced food on a personal level; and as business owners, we believe we have an even greater responsibility to source food that’s been produced in a way which doesn’t harm the environment or exploit farmers and producers.

We pride ourselves on knowing where our ingredients come from. Many of our eggs come from chickens raised in our own backyards, who roam free and eat an organic diet. All our honey, citrus, and milk are sourced from Arizona farmers, many of whom we see each week at the Scottsdale Farmer’s Market. For example, our milk is sourced exclusively through Danzisien Dairy, a local, family-owned company, which we have privately toured and visited several times.

All of our cake components are homemade, including the fondant, Swiss meringue buttercream, curds, caramels, and other fillings.

We offer a selection of vegan cakes and baked goods by custom order and — although our kitchen is not certified gluten-free — we practice safe handling to avoid cross contamination on the number of options we make available to individuals with gluten sensitivities.

We are doing what we can and promise to continue our efforts towards a world full of the freshest tasting food with minimal planetary impact.